Protein Spiking Investigation Webpage Launched by The Oliver Law Group P.C. As Part of Investigation of Alleged “Nitrogen Spiking” By Protein Powder Manufacturers

Nick Suciu, An Attorney With The Oliver Law Group P.C., Is Leading the Firm’s Investigation into Allegations That Protein Powder Manufacturers Sometimes Engage in “nitrogen spiking”, which is also known as “amino spiking” or “protein spiking,” So That Their Protein Supplements Produce Test Results Showing a Higher Amount of Protein than is Actually Present in the Products

protein-spiking-investigation-oliver-law-group-investigation-nitrogen-spiking-protein-powderThe Oliver Law Group P.C., a law firm dedicated to fighting to protect the public from supplement manufacturers who intend to mislead consumers, announces they have launched a new protein spiking webpage as part of an investigation into alleged “nitrogen spiking” by protein powder manufacturers. Nick Suciu an attorney with the Oliver Law Group who has extensive experience and knowledge regarding the dietary, bodybuilding, and sports supplement industry, is heading up the Firm’s inquiry into allegations that some manufacturers engage in “nitrogen spiking”, which is also known as “amino spiking” or “protein spiking,” so that their protein powders produce test results showing a higher amount of protein than is actually present in the product.

The Oliver Law Group P.C. is looking into numerous brands of protein supplements as part of its protein spiking investigation. The Firm is seeking to hear from consumers who may have purchased protein powders that contain certain less expensive ingredients listed on a product’s label, such as arginine, creatine, glycine or taurine, may indicate possible spiking.

According to an April 2014 article published in Natural Products Insider, a common way of testing the protein content of protein powders is via a method called “Kjeldahl,” which measures the total amount of nitrogen in protein products to determine the total grams of protein in a supplement. This is achieved by “liberating” reduced nitrogen as ammonia and then measuring the ammonia.
[, April 2014]

Supplement manufacturers that use whey and other high-quality proteins in their powders periodically experience an increase in their production costs. One way companies control expenses is to spike their products by adding non-protein amino acids to raise the overall nitrogen content. According to Natural News Insider, the Kjeldahl test could wrongly determine that a spiked supplement contains more whole protein than it actually does if the test measures a non-protein substance simply by its nitrogen content.

Purchasers of protein supplements have no choice but to depend on product labels to determine if they are purchasing products that are 100% protein. Tim Ziegenfuss, CEO of the Center for Applied Health Sciences, told Natural News Insider that certain less expensive ingredients listed on a product’s label, such as arginine, creatine, glycine or taurine, may indicate possible spiking.
[, April 2014]

According to The Oliver Law Group P.C., this current situation is harmful to consumers, as supplements with high protein contents fetch higher prices at retail. Unfortunately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) label regulations for foods and supplements allow protein to be calculated as a factor of nitrogen content, but the sources of nitrogen are not required to be included. In April 2014, American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) introduced standard for what substances should be included in measuring nitrogen content, but at this time the standard is only voluntary and it remains to be seen if they will reduce the prevalence of spiking in the industry.
[, April 1, 2014]

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