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We help parents bring children into supportive homes

Bringing a new child into your family can be a truly life-changing experience, whether that child is a relative such as a stepchild or grandchild or an unrelated child in need. It can also be a difficult and expensive process fraught with legal challenges and pitfalls. Michigan's adoption laws are complex, and depending on the circumstances, those legal hurdles may make it difficult for you to give that child a loving, permanent home.

Attorney Alyson Oliver of the Oliver Law Group, P.C. is passionate about helping families resolve their legal issues and provide for children. Our team will advocate for you to finalize your adoption in a timely manner and provide the safety and stability a child needs.

Types of Adoption Cases

Our adoption and guardianship lawyers have years of combined experience handling all sorts of adoption cases, including:

  • Single-Parent adoption
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Adult-child adoption
  • Intrastate adoption
  • Interstate adoption
  • International adoption

Some legal aspects of the adoption process include termination of parental rights, hospital release documentation and other ancillary steps. An experienced and creative adoption attorney can help you navigate those legal complexities and finalize the adoption as soon as possible.

Open vs. Closed Adoptions

In a closed adoption, the child has no contact with his or her birth parents. Very limited information is exchanged between the birth and adopted parents, usually limited to important medical information. Until the 1980s, closed adoption was the norm, with nearly all adopted children having no contact with their biological mothers. Today, relatively few adoptions are closed, although some birth mothers still request such an arrangement.

Open adoptions, by definition, involve some degree of contact between the adopted child and the birth parent or parents, though the exact amount of contact varies widely. The only requirement is that the birth and adoptive parents exchange some amount of identifiable information. Some open adoptions include regular visits as agreed in the adoption plan. Others might only include periodic phone calls, perhaps on holidays or birthdays. In many cases, contact is mediated by an adoption agency rather than directly between the birth and adoptive parents.

Most adoptions today are open, and no two open adoptions are alike. That's why it's important to have a creative and experienced adoption attorney to help you create an agreement that meets the needs of all parties involved and serves the best interests of the child.

Helping Families Provide Stable, Loving Homes

Adopting a child is a huge step for your family, and it's important to make sure the whole process is handled appropriately. At Oliver Law Group, our family law attorneys can see you through every step in the adoption process and help you bring a child you love home. We'll treat your family with the compassion and integrity you deserve.

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