Sex Crimes

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Being accused of a sex crime is a serious charge that could tear your life apart. If convicted, you could be forced to register as a sex offender, lose your job and ruin your reputation. Even an accusation of such a serious crime could change the way your community, employer and family view you.

Basic laws governing sexual conduct in Michigan include the age of consent, which is 16. Many incidents involving parties at the age of consent tread murky waters, and it is easy to be accused of a sex crime with them involved. The umbrella term for sex crimes is known as CSC, or criminal sexual conduct. The category of sex crimes covers a variety of actions from misdemeanors to felonies. All of them result in harsh penalties. Some examples may include:

All of these charges can result in fines and jail time. Time spent away from family, jobs and other obligations. You deserve to have someone on your side who knows the law, and knows how to advocate for you. You need The Oliver Law Group.

About CSC Crimes

Criminal sexual conduct can be charged in four different degrees, all with different circumstances, and all with different penalties. It is important to understand the charges you may be facing, which your attorney can help with.

  • First Degree CSC: This involves penetration, and is often judged with other factors like the age, relationship and coercion of the victim. Ability to consent often includes the use of a weapon, force or coercion, and the power dynamics between assailant and victim. This is considered the most serious form of CSC.
  • Second Degree CSC:  When allegations of sexual contact do not include those of penetration, it falls under the second-degree category. The victim is unable to consent due to circumstances that exist in first degree CSC.  Often, these cases are word against word, so they may prove difficult without an attorney on your side. The maximum sentence is 15 years’ imprisonment.
  • Third Degree CSC: Sexual penetration of a victim between the ages of 13 and 16, coerced or forced, or who may be incapacitated. 15 years of imprisonment is the maximum penalty.
  • Fourth Degree CSC: Used for allegations of contact and not penetration, this degree of CSC involves the use of force or coercion, an incapacitated victim, or cases in which the assailant is an employee of the Department of Corrections and the victim is incarcerated. The punishment could involve up to 2 years in prison and/or a $500 fine.

Being charged with criminal sexual conduct, no matter in what degree of severity, has an impact on your life. Being on a sex offender registry can ruin your career, destroy your family, and have a long-term effect on your future as a whole. The law takes sex crimes seriously. So do we. With no statute of limitations on criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, you can’t take a chance on your defense. We know that allegations can quickly turn into charges with compelling words instead of evidence, and we know how to turn allegations on their heads.

Our Lawyers Won’t Stop Fighting

If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, the penalties following a possible conviction can be devastating. That’s why you need a skilled lawyer on your side, and ours don’t give up until we see results for our clients. For you. If you need expert legal aid on your side, contact us today. We offer a free case evaluation, at no risk to you.  The only charges here are the ones that we will fight for you.


Illegal in Michigan, the penalties associated with a prostitution charge can be steep and severe. According to the Michigan Penal Code, prostitution involves engaging in sexual behavior for money or payment.  Someone seeking out services (or “soliciting”) from a prostitute can also be prosecuted. Payment is not limited to cash; it can also include gifts and favors. If convicted of prostitution, classified as a misdemeanor, you could face up to 93 days in jail and up to $500 in fines.

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A heavy accusation, rape is something that can mar your record and your life forever. Rape charges can be hard to handle without knowledgeable defense on your side. Michigan defines rape as sexual penetration with another person under the following circumstances:

  • The victim is under 13
  • The victim is between 13-16 years old and a household member, related by blood or affinity.
  • The alleged assailant holds authority over them to gain submission or coercion, such as a teacher or supervisor.
  • The person is intoxicated, unconscious or mentally impaired, thus not able to consent.
  • Sexual Penetration occurs during the commission of another felony
  • More than one person is involved and forcible coercion is used
  • The alleged victim is disabled and physically helpless
  • A weapon was used, and/or physical injury results from coercion by force.

First degree CSC carries heavy consequences, including time in prison that can extend to lifelong sentences. There are many subcategories under the term “rape;” While they are used to describe situations framing a rape, none are official legal terms. “Date rape” often involves the use of drugs to render the victim unconscious (such as GHB, GBL and “Roofies”) or otherwise mentally incapacitated and unable to consent. “Statutory rape” involves sexual conduct with a child under the age of 16 but over the age of 13. In the case of the conduct involving a teacher or school employee, the age could be 16 or 17.

The penalties for a rape conviction are extremely high. It becomes personal. Your current and future employment situation is at risk. You could lose custody of children, and have trouble finding housing. The entirety of your life could be turned upside down if a conviction occurs. That’s why you need The Oliver Law Group on your side. We work to defend you from these life-altering charges.

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Internet Sex Crimes

The world wide web provides access to almost any material you can think of. It allows people to connect on social media, create businesses, find jobs and various forms of entertainment. Lewd materials make up a large amount of the web. Not all of it is legal, and it is easy to stumble on by mistake. Many sex crimes happen online, and they carry heavy penalties. Some internet sex charges fall under the categories of:

  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Internet Child Pornography
  • Lewd behavior
  • Sexting and Sexual Instant Messaging
  • Indecent Exposure Via Video Stream or Chat

If you have been charged with an online sex crime, you need a reliable defense. Penalties and sentences can be unforgiving.

Possessing child pornography constitutes a felony and can result in four years of jail time, or a fine of $10,000. Possessing child pornography also means that you could end up on the sex offender registry, changing your life forever. Distributing child pornography only makes the charge worse. You could be facing up to 7 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. In order to be convicted, you have to have been aware that the subject of the media was under 18.

Enticing a minor and soliciting a prostitute over the internet are also both crimes that could result in jail time, fines, and sex offender status. Prostitution is illegal on its own, and taking part in the service is also against the law. Many in Michigan who are charged with online solicitation are lured into situations with undercover police pretending to be prostitutes. This means that the police could be using unlawful tactics and infringing on your right to privacy in order to trap you in a solicitation charge.

The lawyers at The Oliver Law Group have represented people facing internet sex crime charges for years, and we know how to build a spirited defense. If you are facing charges, contact us immediately.

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Obscenity and Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure in Michigan is classified as a misdemeanor, but may be treated as a “High Court Misdemeanor” if the charge is upgraded to “Aggravated Indecent Exposure”, a crime which is prosecuted like a felony. Legally, it is still defined as a misdemeanor. The difference between the charges occurs when exposure involves the accused touching themselves instead of simple exposure.

Indecent exposure is known as a purposeful act. We usually picture a “flasher”, but this charge could even occur if someone was relieving themselves outside. Most people do not know that constitutes indecent exposure. Moreover, if someone witnesses an act of exposure even in the privacy of your home and becomes offended, you could be facing charges. Our legal team can help you fight back.

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