The Oliver Law Group P.C.

Oliver Law Group P.C. is a different kind of national law firm. One that focuses on the needs of the injured first. A compassionate law firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of victims and their families, and doing everything necessary to ensure those rights. We stand with our clients fighting as hard as if we were the injured.

The experience of a large firm. The 1-on-1 dedication of a small firm.
A reputation built on trust.

Experience. Dedication. Trust.
The Oliver Law Group P.C.

The Oliver Law Group P.C. is a plaintiff’s law firm focused on product liability cases involving medical devices, prescription drugs, supplements, and consumer goods / services. Our advocate attorneys get justice and provide resources to everyday people and their families before, during, and after a lawsuit. Our highly skilled attorneys represent individuals, companies, classes and the community at large in complex litigation, often involving the most powerful corporations and government entities. We are committed to obtaining successful results for our clients while acting as agents for positive social change by enforcing corporate responsibility.

Our law firm’s product liability practice works on a contingent fee basis, requiring no money up front and only charging a fee when we win your case.